Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The entrance to Drayton Harbor is marked by Semiahmoo Spit and Tongue Point on the south and the town of Blaine on the north. Blaine's waterfront includes a long peninsula that extends out like a spit towards Semiahmoo, but is actually an artificial feature that began as wharves and was then filled in with sediment dredged to create the marina (and with lots of other debris, too). Marine Park is located on the northwestern side of this peninsula, just across the water from the Peace Arch.

The concrete remnants of the old mill form hard points that help define the shape of the shoreline, with small pockets of sediment forming beaches in between. The beaches themselves consist of gravel, coarse sand, bricks, concrete rubble, quarry spalls, and ground up shell. At the northeastern end, there's a marsh and a small stream mouth.

The plan is to make the park more friendly to people and to improve habitat. This will involve removing much of the old debris and resculpting the shoreline, although some of the existing mill relics will be kept to help anchor the restored shoreline and provide for historic interpretation. The existing configuration of the shoreline - the position and orientation of the beaches - will help guide plans for the new shoreline.

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