Saturday, November 28, 2009

Key Peninsula

The day after Thanksgiving and the weather report claimed this would be the dryest day of the weekend. The rest of the family had other commitments, so I dropped D in Redmond, filled up my coffee cup, and headed for the Tacoma Narrows and western Pierce County.

The Key Peninsula is the southern extension of the larger Kitsap Peninsula, the convoluted almost-island connected to everything else in the continental U.S. by a narrow strip of land between Belfair and Allyn (and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge). It is home to Vaughn, Longbranch, and Lakebay. It is also home to Home (an ex-Utopian enclave on Van Geldern Cove). Most of its shoreline is hard to get to without a boat or a deed to waterfront property, but there are still some nice beaches accessible to the rest of us. Turned out to be a wonderful afternoon.

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amac said...

It is so beautiful out there - did you ever make it out to McNeil Island? Seems like so many great restoration opportunities there, but jurisdictional battles also abound...or so I hear.