Friday, May 01, 2009

Cama Beach

I left Seattle early to beat the northbound traffic mess through Everett, which gave me a little time to wander down to Cama Beach before my evening talk on sea level at Camano Center.

The stream at the south end is
flowing through a gap in the storm berm and reportedly has been doing so most of the winter. Some years this stream gets plugged up and just leaks through the gravel, while other years it will burst out during a big rainstorm. I suppose its ability to stay open may relate to frequent high flows, or it may just be because there hasn't been enough wave action this winter to rebuild the berm.

I like the way the shell collects in the channel. This is not uncommon to see in small stream outlets - especially where shell is abundant and can readily be transported and trapped in the low area. Maybe its the same story with the tire.

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W Todd said...

The last time we went to sample the stream (May 13th) the berm had reformed and stream now seeps out through the gravel.