Thursday, May 21, 2009


Alderbrook, as best as I can surmise, is built on fill pushed out over the original stream delta. The stream is now funneled down a narrow corridor between the main lodge and the cabins - must have been sort of cool to watch back in early December, 2007, when all the streams around here blew out (
Hood Canal - 2008). I wonder what guests would make of a big tree or a section of SR106 rafting past their window. A nice neat concrete bulkhead keeps the lawn out of Hood Canal, or Hood Canal off of the lawn - no confusing, fuzzy line between land and water here!

For three days last week, some of the top regional and national experts on beaches and the impacts of seawalls and bulkheads gathered here to share their geologic and biologic observations and to help us local folks better figure out what to do about a topic that doesn't lend itself to simple understanding or solutions.

There are a few more pictures from last week at hshipman, plus one I posted shortly after starting the blog way back in December, 2005.

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