Wednesday, February 04, 2009


There's a beautiful little sandy beach where the shoreline returns to the railroad on the north side of Point Wells. Somehow a little pocket of forest got trapped between the asphalt plant and the railroad grade. A couple of small streams pass beneath the tracks, through the woods, then trickle out across the beach. These wonderful studies in alluvial geomorphology are pretty ephemeral - they won't survive the next high tide, but in the meantime, we get braided channels, incision, undercut stream banks, channel migration, and terrace formation.

Apparently, this beach, like the Evergreen beach in Olympia and Wreck Beach in Vancouver, is clothing optional (what did we do without the internet?). Which apparently entertains the folks passing by on Amtrak. But maybe just in warmer weather - the only other people I saw today were bundled up.

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