Friday, February 20, 2009

Eagle Landing

I walked here along the beach from Seahurst Park early this morning, figuring it was simply wrong to spend all day in a meeting near the beach without actually spending time on the beach. The shoreline between Seahurst and this small city park is one of the rare stretches of relatively unaltered shoreline still left on mainland King County. High, forested bluffs, small landslides, and lots of large wood on and above the beach.

Eagle Landing was acquired a few years ago by the City of Burien to preserve a short stretch of this beach and to provide some public access to a largely private shoreline. It lived up to its name this morning, as there were two bald eagles perched on a branch above the beach just north of the park.

The stairway zig zags down the bluff (maybe the park should be called Many Landings) ending at the beach with a small set of steps that have been banged up by drift logs. There is actually an ancient timber bulkhead at the toe of the bluff, but it is has been largely buried by the soil and trees have continued to creep over it.

Eagle Landing Park (lots more info and pictures)

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