Saturday, May 03, 2008

English Boom

English Boom, on the northern end of Camano Island, and facing across Skagit Bay, lies on what I guess I call the delta fringe. In an unengineered world, this beach would be destined to become part of the southern Skagit Delta, as the river gradually captures northern Camano. Although exposure to the north is significant, wave action is muted by the broad tidal flats and the lower shoreface is dominated by fine-grained (probably fluvial) sediment. There is salt marsh vegetation growing in patches on the beach. Rockweed grows among the marsh patches and on the iron and wood relics of the historic log booming operation. Despite the delta's heavy influence, this is still a sand and gravel barrier, with a large salt marsh (covered with drift logs) between it and the heavily forested bluff.

Blogs require honesty only in posting dates (all else is suspect). This one is out of order - I forgot it earlier - and belongs back on Camano on Tuesday, not in the midst of Vashon/Maury beaches from Thursday. But I can't go back and insert it where it belongs. (Never mind - now it's back in the proper order. See comments below)


Connie C said...


You CAN change the date - edit this post and click on Post Options at bottom left, then enter the date you want as mm/dd/yy

Connie C
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Gravel Beach said...

Thanks, Connie. I have to admit, there was something sort of reassuring about thinking that the date couldn't be fudged! I guess this is why we tell our teenager to be wary of any information they find online!