Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jubilee Beach

A private beach where dynamite was once manufactured and loaded on ships. The pier is about all that remains of the old Atlas plant. Now this site is part of the huge new subdivisions crawling out of Lacey. At least here, the houses will be kept way back from the bluff and the beach will remain a wild one.

This is a pretty sandy beach, though in many places covered with a veneer of gravel. There were barnacles growing on the top side of 2" pebbles, suggesting that it has been few years since there has been a north storm big enough to roll them around (this is a north-facing shoreline, so the more common southerlies have little impact). There was a wide, sloping terrace. I am always impressed by the height and width of south sound beaches - a result of the much higher tidal range down here than farther north.

There is an abandoned boat just southeast off of Beachcrest. There was an wrecked car at the bottom of the bluff - I suspect someone pushed (drove?) it over the edge many years ago. And even a recently abandoned bicycle. And then there's the old pier. So it's not completely wild - but it was close.

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