Monday, August 27, 2007


Point Roberts began as an island in Georgia Strait, but thousands of years of sedimentation has subsequently attached it to North America as the Fraser Delta has engulfed its northern end. Now it's a Canadian peninsula that hangs down into the U.S. Last year I explored the American side (Lighthouse Park and Maple Beach). This year, I checked out the Canadian side.

Tsawwassen, which is an extension of aptly named Delta, B.C., is the site of two major causeways that extend out to the deep water at the edge of Roberts Bank. The first causeway connects to the Deltaport industrial complex, where coal and containers are loaded and unloaded. The second causeway serves the BC Ferry Terminal and extends southwest almost to the waterward extension of the U.S. border.

A gravel beach has formed on the south side of the ferry causeway, maybe from the fill material originally used to build the roadway? A pocket beach has built in the corner formed by the causeway and the original English Bluff shoreline, presumably as a result of northerly transport of material in the lee of this unintentional breakwater.

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