Thursday, June 28, 2007

Magnolia Bluff

I dropped the family off at SeaTac at 6AM last Sunday morning and then looked for ways to delay the inevitable return to a working weekend. Had coffee on Alki Beach, watched a cruise ship unload at Bell Street, wandered through the Sculpture Park, and then headed out to Magnolia.

There used to be more houses perched along this beach - evidenced by old piles and plumbing and photos. Only a few are left, though those seemed to be suffering from one storm too many. This large boulder still had dirt plastered on top, suggesting it came down fairly recently - probably this winter. Thump. I half expected to find a wicked witch pinned underneath. And I wondered what would have happened if it had come down the slope above one of those houses. I guess that's one reason people aren't allowed to build in places like this anymore.

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