Friday, December 02, 2005

Glass Beach

Northwest of Port Townsend folks used to dump their garbage over the edge of the high bluff. Now it is houses. The beach is what I call a wild beach - when you walk along it, you are unaware that suburbia is lurking just out of sight 100 feet up and 50 feet back. No seawalls, no stairways (or very few), and you don't actually notice the rusty metal until you are on top of it. Just some scraps and a boulder or two that look like slag. Not as bad as at Port Angeles where the refrigerators and the engine blocks are tumbling out of the bluff and where the city seems willing to spend millions of dollars to protect its mid-century midden from the sea.

Rusty iron on the beach isn't a great thing but there will be less of it every year. Maybe someone will even come in and haul it away. Trouble with trams and stairs and seawalls is that there will be more of them every year. Wild beaches are few and far between on Puget Sound.

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