Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Strand Beach

Strand Beach (Strands Beach, in some descrriptions) is located just north of Dana Point. It was largely undeveloped until the early 2000s, when a large high-end subdivision began to be built. There's a Ritz Carlton on the high bluff to the north and a cluster of homes perched high above the beach on the south end.  Much of the headland of Dana Point itself is maintained as a Preserve.


I suppose the beach owes some of its character to Dana Point itself, which influences both the shape of this coastline and the southward movement of sediment. The back of the beach is largely buried under the riprap revetment, which sort of limits the use of this beach to lower tides.

As with many other developments in California, there has been a long battle over public access on this site. A trail has been built along the top of the revetment (which allows people to walk where there was once a beach) and there are several public pathways that provide access from the public park at the top of the bluff.

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