Monday, December 31, 2018

Brooks Street

We're still working our way south through Orange County (quick time check - these are all from December 13th). Brooks Street is just one of many street-end beach accesses along this stretch of southern Laguna Beach. I wish I could have stopped at them all, but then I would have had a lot more trouble telling them apart afterwards.

This beach is just south of Main Beach. The base of the bluffs is anchored by a fairly continuous band of bedrock that encroaches well below the high tide line in some places. I guess this means that the homes may have a somewhat better prognosis than those built on rapidly retreating bluffs and big landslides, but I can't imagine it won't get increasingly exciting in coming decades when big storms arrive on higher tides and El Nino water levels.

For the most part, waves were pretty tame during this trip down the coast, but here they were a little larger and the surfers had definitely figured that out. Maybe they're always bigger here. Or maybe it was a fluke related to the swell direction and the offshore bathymetry.

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