Monday, March 26, 2018

Pacifica - Esplanade Avenue

Someday people will stop building stuff right on the edge of the sea. Or if they do, they won't be so surprised when the ocean arrives. They won't expect their community to buy their house or to pay to demolish their apartment building. They will accept the loss, pay to have it removed before it ruins someone else's beach, and treat it as they would a subscription that runs out in few years or a poorly built bicycle that falls apart. Someday, but not yet.

Buildings along Esplanade Avenue were already hanging on the edge long before the 2016-2017 El Nino arrived with its winter storms and high tides. Here are some shots from my last visit (Gravel Beach: January 2013). Since then, several structures have been removed and a great deal more rock has been placed or rearranged along the beach.


There's plenty of video and news coverage of Pacifica from the past few years (easy to find online), but here are a couple of drone videos that I particularly liked:
January 2016
July 2017

The next few posts will be from a little farther south along Pacifica's coastline.

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