Sunday, January 08, 2017

Seahurst Park

Last Monday, I dropped M at the airport early, lingered over coffee at the Burien Press, and then drove down the hill to Seahurst Park. Burien got more snow than the rest of us on New Year's, so the road was still pretty icy. The sun wouldn't come over the bluff for an hour or two, so it was dark. The tide was pretty high, so not a lot of beach was showing. And it was cold. I guess it wasn't surprising that it was so quiet.

The beach appears to have naturalized nicely since the project was wrapped up in 2014 (wow - it's already been more than 2 years!). A more distinct berm has built up in front of the wetland in the central portion of the north beach. The logs have distributed themselves more naturally across the berm. The northern stream mouth has continued to rearrange itself, much as the larger stream to the south has always done. The plantings have taken off. And it looks like there's been some sliding on the bluff at the north end of the park.

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Speaking of the larger stream - the main one that comes down the ravine with the road - the water level in the small wetland/lagoon at it's mouth was very high and was overflowing across the berm in several locations (the stream mouth in the lead photo is the smaller, northern one, not this one). Some of this looked like it might be the function of some human modifications at the primary outlet, where amateur engineers had been practicing building dams. 

Cultural artifact at the north end

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