Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jackson Rock

Fulford Harbor, like pretty much everything else on Saltspring Island, is oriented NW-SE, reflecting the underlying geologic structure of the islands sedimentary rocks. Last week, during our annual trip to the island, I paddled from the head of the harbor out to Wen,Na,Nec (August 2013) and Jackson Rock, then back on the other side.


The northeast side of the harbor (the Fulford/Reginald Hill side) is steep and rocky and there are few beaches. The southwest side (from Drummond Park out toward Isabella Point) is a little more gradual and includes both more erodible glacial? sediments and a stream mouth or two, so the beaches are a little better developed.

Here on Jackson Rock, the only material available to build the tiny beaches is broken shell. And the orientation of the beaches and bars is a messy function of the islets' irregular configuration and bathymetry.

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