Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Port Browning

Port Browning is the name of the bay, the community, and the marina (and the pub), although apparently the beach is called Hamilton Beach* (and lies at the end of Hamilton Road). Pender Island's primary (and only) shopping district, Driftwood Center, is located half a mile inland.


I suspect this may be the longest single beach on either of the Penders, although if you look at the map, you might note that it's really only half a beach. It extends across the south side of the bay but abruptly ends at a small rocky knob, just short of the marina. There appears that there may have once been a small marsh - maybe even a lagoon - behind the berm and under the lawn, but not any more.

*Hamilton Beach is probably better known for blenders and kitchen mixers, but there is apparently no connection to Pender Island. Hamilton and Beach were two employees of the company when it was begun in Racine, Wisconsin, back in 1910. Thank you, Wikipedia!

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