Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Myers Creek

Originally, I just pulled off the road to admire the sea stacks south of Cape Sebastian, but I wound up wandering the beach for half an hour, exploring the dunes (my copilot seems content with the view from the car and a good novel). The back beach was a field of crescentic, 1.5-meter high dunes, charged by a brisk wind from the north.

There was a lot of sand moving - although almost all of it below ankle level. It blew off the top of the dunes and settled on the slip face. Eventually, the slope would avalanche - sometimes all at once (as if all of those individual grains were in communication with one another) and sometimes as a progressive failure, usually, but not always, starting at the bottom.

The dunes were moving across a deflated surface - the flat roughs were largely bare of sand but often exhibited some neat eolian erosion features.


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