Sunday, October 13, 2013

China Beach

China Beach is another southwest facing beach, but it doesn't look at all like French Beach.  This one is sandier and flatter and lacks that coarse-gravel beach face.  I wonder whether this reflects a difference in the wave regime or in the availability of certain sediment sizes, or whether it's something more complicated related to its context within a larger reach of coastline?

It's not as if the coarse sediment isn't here somewhere. There's a field of small boulders at the south end, near the stream mouth, and perhaps related to it. And some of the smaller boulders had been pushed up into a distinct storm berm at the landward edge of the beach.  Elsewhere, a similar storm berm, but made of gravel, could be seen pushing up against the forest.

Google Maps:  AERIAL VIEW

I had this beach to myself last Saturday morning, but I didn't stay long as I had a lot more ground to cover.

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