Friday, August 02, 2013

Lime Kiln

Lime Kiln Creek - in the 1880s, they mined and processed the limestone up the valley - drops steeply to the Big Sur coast, landing in this small pocket beach.  I was impressed by the boulders and cobbles strewn on the shore, but had trouble picturing them as a storm berm. 

Looking carefully where the stream flowed across the beach and the sand is washed away, you get the sense that these coarse deposits may underlie the whole beach.

The best I can figure, this cove is basically a sandy beach lapping onto a very coarse-grained alluvial fan. I bet those big rocks were carried by floods or debris flows down the creek (they don't look like the stuff that would have fallen from the nearby cliffs).  Waves may have rearranged them a little, but they're basically a terrestrial deposit.

Google Maps:  AERIAL VIEW

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