Tuesday, July 16, 2013

South Marrowstone

It's exactly one mile from Lip Lip Point southwest to Kinney Point. The largely glacial bluffs start and end high, perched on the 2-meter thick layer of the Tertiary sedimentary rock we've been following around the island.  The bluff drops to a mere 5-meters or so in the central area, where the glacial till swings down to beach level (following a valley in the bedrock surface?)


This line of bluffs runs in a straight line.  More intriguingly, it's almost perpendicular to the maximum fetch (Edmonds is 30 kms away to the southeast).  It's not the only long straight stretch of bluffs in Puget Sound that lines up this way (Scatchet Head 2010).  Perhaps this is happenstance, but I think the same search for balance that causes pocket beaches to become swash-aligned should also favor bluffs to do so.

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