Monday, February 18, 2013

Ediz Hook

As readers may have noted from posts over the past year or two, we're seeing more and more examples of beaches being restored - often these are relatively small projects where an old structure or a bulkhead has been removed or where historic fill has been pulled back.


This was an old log dump used, as I understand it, for getting logs from trucks into the water. At least as of now, the Google Maps image still shows the old looped dock. But that's all gone now, replaced by a curving beach, a revegetated backshore, and an awful lot of large wood.

I'm sure wood has always been a common component of Salish Sea beaches and there's plenty of evidence that suggests it can influence patterns of erosion and accretion - to a point. But from looking at many of the projects going in these days, you'd think beaches were all about wood, not about sediment!  I'm excited about all these neat projects.  I just hope the wood doesn't get in the way of the beach doing it's thing.  Fortunately, in most cases, the wood doesn't seem to be having too much effect on the beach doing it's thing.

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