Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Salsbury Point

It's time to catch up a bit -- beginning with a blogger's retrospective. The picture was my best effort at something related to the web that was still taken near a beach. Salsbury Point. A great example of small-scale beach nourishment carried out in October 1995, though it could use a little refreshing. Deserves a future post.

I began this blog a little over a year ago - 60 posts and I suppose a couple hundred pictures. I don't even know if Google/Blogger limits my storage, or do they just keep adding servers on my behalf in big warehouses in places like eastern Washington with cheap land and cheaper electricity? Or maybe tomorrow they'll tell me I've exceeded my allotted space!

I have no idea how many people visit the site, though I don't expect many do unless I specifically point them to it. I know no one links to the blog, since it still fails to come up in any search engines (maybe a good thing). I think there is some way to subscribe to it, in case you want to get updated some evening when I start posting stuff after a two month hiatus. I think the site has actually served my needs very well -- I just enjoy pushing my pictures and my musings out there. Hopefully, some folks enjoy it or learn something about their favorite beach or come away with an idea for a thesis, but if someone doesn't like it, they can just click on the "Next Blog" in the top right and go visit someone else.

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