Thursday, January 25, 2007

Olympic Sculpture Park

Early this morning I walked through the new sculpture park and then down past the grain elevators - a pleasant, albeit roundabout route from my car to the meeting. They opened the park with great publicity this past weekend, though it isn't actually done yet. The lower portions, from the railroad overpass down, are still under construction.

It's a great setting, a great redevelopment of an industrial mess, and a great way to walk down to the beach. Not that there is very much beach once you get there! The park juxtaposes wonderful art, bright colors, and lots of sharp edges and acute angles with native landscaping and spectacular views. I'm a big fan of different ways to connect urban folks to the Sound - and this makes a nice alternative to watching the sun set over the Olympics on a summer evening while driving north on the upper deck of the viaduct (may it be forever preserved in photos and memories, but please, oh please, not in concete).

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